Sunday, 29 July 2012

want to know who YOU are?

What does "you" refer to ?

your body ,your soul ,god ,consciousness ..etc

is it really true?

You are living under the assumption there is a you.

There is no 'you' to know. You won't 'find it' so to speak. Don't look for 'it'.

The reason people don't find is because they believe there will be something to find.

This is not something special. You don't attain anything. 'You' don't exist.

There are thoughts, but they aren't 'yours'?
Thoughts are thoughts, but not 'yours'.

'You' are a fiction, created by your mind.

we can say that on a neurological level,
the brain and nervous system organize in the following order:

1)There is a bodily sensation.

2) Another part of the brain registers and acknowledges the sensation.

3) The sensation is then labeledas sadness, fear, happiness, anger, etc.

4) Then, from another level, the brain says, “Sadness is bad,” or “Happiness is good.

5) On yet another level, the brain says, “I should change sadness into happiness,
I should do something about it.

Thoughts trigger feeling, feeling gets labelled—>new trigger—>feeling gets more intense—>more labels—> vicious feedback loop.
This is what goes on endlessly when "I" is at the centre.

"YOU" dont exist.

When I say 'You don't exist', I'm not referring to your physical body.

You are a body, built of atoms, cells and flesh with a mind.

You do not have a soul, you do not have an 'inner awareness' or anything like that.

Basically you are simply a biological machine .

There is no "you" making your body and mind work.

It is an illusion, a lie created by your mind.

It's a lie known by many names, the self, the ego, whatever you want to call it.

It's a lie that needs constant feeding, it's what makes you insecure, unhappy, greedy.

You is simply a label you have been using to interact with the outside world.

When you were born was there are you? What would life be like as a baby? If there was no you how can it be true?

What is it?

What do you think you are? See that

Not even a belief that there's no you.

You need a burning desire for TRUTH.

LOOK at your thoughts...

What is your relation to thought? Do you create thoughts? Can you stop thinking? What is the source of thought?

Are you an actor in a play? If so who writes the script?

Are you thoughts? Are you memories? Are you experiences?

Are you the mind?